Beat Culture - Tokyo Dreamer (Jon Sidwell)
Citizens - CTZNS (Clive Rozario)

football, etc - The Draft (Clive Rozario)
Shapes - Monotony Chic (Clive Rozario)
Tu Fawning - Hearts On Hold (Moker)
We'll Go Machete - Strong Drunk Hands (Clive Rozario)


 The Attika State - Measures (Clive Rozario)
Broadcast 2000 - Broadcast 2000 (Moker)
Foals - Total Life Forever (Megan Howard)
Robin Grey - Strangers With Shoes (Jon Sidwell)
 Hurts - Happiness (Moker)
Spring Offensive - Pull Us Apart (Moker)
Stars And Sons - Good Morning Mother (Clive Rozario)
Tame Impala - Innerspeaker (Moker)


Kingskin - Slug (Moker)
The Pony Collaboration - If These Are The Good Times (Moker)
Omar S - Detroit (Jon Sidwell)


Sabrosa Purr - To The Crickets And The Ghosts (Jon Sidwell)


Hundred Reasons - Quick The Word Sharp The Action (Jon Sidwell)
Jay Eff Kay - America : Suicide Notes Volume 1 (Jon Sidwell)
Moving Units - Hexes For Exes (Jon Sidwell)
Nirvana - In Utero (Jon Sidwell)
Radiohead - In Rainbows (Jon Sidwell)