Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Not Dead, Just Taking A Break

Apologies for the lack of updates of late, i've been taking a little break from blogging to get excited about it again. It hasn't helped that i've been quite busy with work lately, as well as passing my driving test which has diverted my attention to getting use to my car!

So i'm still alive and so is Music Liberation!

Things will get back into full swing in a couple of weeks or so. For now check out these "death" related tracks which totally kick ass.

Monday, 14 July 2008

New Wave Of Music #21

Hey Hey!

So if you haven't already then please enter Music Liberation's first competition (see post HERE) to win one of three signed copies of The Glimmers new album. The closing date for the competition is 20th July.

Today's post is merely a list of tracks that I've really been into of late, let me know your thoughts, positive or negative!

MP3: South Central - Golden Dawn *(Highly recommended, the drop is awesome!)

MP3: Bloc Party - Mercury *(I really like it, it's different and edgy)

MP3: Late Of The Pier - Heartbeat *( CAN'T WAIT FOR THEIR ALBUM!)

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Competition : Win a signed copy of The Glimmers new album

To help celebrate tonight's San Miguel Hidden Depths event in Manchester, which is being headlined by The Glimmers, we have 3 signed copies of their new album titled "Gee Gee Fazzi" to give away.

How do you get your grubby hands on one of these excellent album's I hear you ask? Well if your sitting comfortably I shall tell you.

To win one of three signed copies of the album, all you have to is tell me what The Glimmers were previously known as?

Send your answer, as well as your name and address to musicliberation@hotmail.co.uk. (Mark your email with the heading - The Glimmers album competition). The closing date for the competition is 20th July, with winners being announced on 21st July.

Be assured that your email address will remain secure and housed within the confines of Music Liberation headquarters. We don't like spam and neither should you. Multiple entries are not accepted, and one one entrance per household is allowed.

Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Exclusive : John Bourke of Trash Yourself Summer Mix 08

A few days ago I posted the Trash Yourself version of NWA's Fuck The Police.

Well I have recently been in contact with one half of Trash Yourself, Mr John Bourke. He has very kindly given us first dibs on his latest mix exclusively for Music Liberation.

Download the excellent mix HERE and check the tracklisting out below.

1. (Intro) Sebastian - Motor
2. MSTRKRFT - Bounce
3. Muscles - Sweaty (Shazam Remix)
4. Classixx - Cold Act Ill
5. Cut Copy - Lights and Music (Boys Noize Remix)
6. Tegan and Sara - Back in your Head (Tyler Fedchuk's 1/2 Alive Disco Remix)
7. Rye Rye - Shake it (John Bourke Edit)
8. Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend how to Dance (Twelves Remix)
9. Budy Akai - Cut Me Up (Villains Remix)
10. Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Guns n Bombs Remix)
11. Dusty Kid - The Cat
12. Fake Shark Real Zombie - Fake Shark Real Zombie (Designer Drugs Remix)
13. Kid Cudi - Day N Night (Crooker's Remix)
14. Treasure Fingers - Come True Tonight
15. MGMT - Kids
16. The Ting Tings - Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix)

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Interview : Brigade

As you may know I write review articles of Singles, Albums, Demos, and Gigs for the excellent Sonic Dice website. Due to my involvement with that project I often get opportunities to interview bands and artists that I write about. I usually pass on these opportunities due to other commitments getting in the way.

However when the chance to interview young UK rockers Brigade came up I decided to take the plunge. Below are some of the questions, for the rest of the interview then click HERE. The answers were given by Brigade frontman Will Simpson.

- Where did the band’s name come from?
"While I was at university I recorded some music under the name Homespun and called it the ‘Brigade EP’. A friend suggested that Brigade would be a much better band name so from then on it stuck."

- Did you just all naturally click together straight away or did you take some time to develop your sound?

"It’s definitely taken some time to develop the sound. When we started out it was a three piece playing simple pop rock and we have evolved massively in certain respects since then. Listening to bands like Oceansize and Tool pushed us to sound as big as we possibly could and with the addition of James we started to try to create soundscapes through big walls of guitar. Also my voice has developed from sounding a little too close to Brian Molko to something stronger and more unique. We clicked straight away but it’s taken a while to nail that Brigade sound."

- Your debut LP, ‘Lights’, was well received by critics and fans alike. Did you expect that sort of high praise?

"It definitely exceeded our expectations. ‘Lights’ was a collection of songs written between 2001 and 2005 so we weren’t sure what people would make of it but the response was overwhelming. We’ve always felt we have the potential to be something special and so in many respects it was a dream start."

- What was the thinking behind re-releasing your debut?

"Being on a small label you are constantly battling to get racking in music shops and to be heard above all the big hitters and so putting it out a second time was the only way we could get re-stocked and that was really important following the press, touring and TV play we received after the album was first released. We needed to keep momentum up and it was a fresh chance to be noticed by people who had never heard of us."

- This new album sounds like your really expressing yourselves and experimenting, both musically and lyrically. Was that a conscious direction you decided to take?

"Definitely, every band needs to evolve with each album or things quickly go stale. We knew we needed to push ourselves and write a better, more mature second album and so we concentrated on being more ambitious musically and more concise lyrically."

To read the rest of the interview then please check it out HERE on the Sonic Dice website.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Trash Yourself - Fuck The Police

Prepare. To. Get. Trashed!

Oh my god this track will absolutely destroy you!

It's the dynamic duo of John Bourke and Heidi Cannon who together are Trash Yourself, with their interpretation of NWA's "Fuck The Police".

It's a dark heavy electronic slab of music, which will get right in your face, and totally mess you up.

It's awesome! Check it out right now

MP3: Trash Yourself - Fuck The Police

Trash Yourself Myspace

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Featured Label: Moda Music

My friend, DJ and Producer extraordinaire Craig Duranti is a resident DJ at an excellent House Club night called Moda at The Cell in Lincoln. Craig along with several of the Moda spinners have recently set up their own record label, Moda Music. It's an exciting project and one that definately deserves your attention. A couple of weeks ago they put out their first release, "The Jak Z EP", which has already topped the Juno charts.

Check out the spiel of the label below, aswell as checking out their myspace.

To buy the Jak Z EP then click HERE.

Check out a Jak Z track - MP3: Jak Z - Got The Power

Sited by Annie Mac, Kissy Sell Out, Herve, Switch, DJ Touche & many more as one of the best parties in the UK, the sound of Moda is taking over! Behind the neon of this nocturnal zoo of misbehavior lives the formidable Moda DJ's. Already responsible for some of the biggest club tracks of recent times, these talented young producers wanted an outlet dedicated to their ever-evolving sound- and here it is!

Moda Music is an exclusive monthly installment of all things Moda. Expect club destroying EP's from the entire Moda collective, as well as guest appearances from our closest friends. Like the club itself, our music policy is nothing more than cool new music, that will make you want to dance! Over the coming months you will be exposed to everything from House to Hip Hop to Synth Pop and beyond!!


Friday, 4 July 2008

Featured Artist: Nephu Huzzband

I was recently sent the new single from Nottingham based band, Nephu Huzzband. Despite being the shortest single i've heard this year, (1 minute 27 seconds!), "Nurse! Nurse!" is quite possible one of the most vital pieces of new music to surface in 2008. The band combine various influences from the likes of Post-Hardcore, Indie, Electronica, and Punk, to create a sound which is progressive and totally different to anything else I've heard this year.

To read my review of the single then click HERE.

Check out the band's myspace page.

MP3: Nephu Huzzband - Nurse! Nurse!

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

New Wave Of Music #21

New month, new tunes! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

MP3: Cyclamen - Kazuuchaataru
If you were a fan of the experimental mathcore metal band Sikth, then you should like Cyclamen. Currently a one man project with a drum machine (I defy anyone to spot that straight off), they create brilliant ear splitting noise. Cyclamen

MP3: White Demin - Let's Talk About It
Hailing from Texas, USA, White Demin have recently released their debut album "Workout Holiday" from which this track is taken. They play a mixture of Blues influenced Rock and Roll which god damn dirty and I like it! White Demin

MP3: Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning
Out on Island this week is the release of this single from Pop Electro princess Ladyhawke. It's really infectious and although it should be annoying it's just got a certain element that makes it hard not to be liked. Ladyhawke

MP3: The Black Ghosts - Repetition Kills You
This track is taken from the debut self titled album which is out next week through Southern Fried. It's like 80's pop music given a 2008 electro update. I'm not quite sold on the LP as an entire body of work yet though. The Black Ghosts

Released a couple of months ago on Grooved Music, this is a dirty mashed up slice of electronic House music. Heavyfeet are a duo from Manchester I believe, who seem to be quickly rising up the ranks of Dance music. Geoff K / Heavyfeet

German band The Notwist have been around since 1989 and released many albums. This year this have a new long player out titled "The Devil, You + Me". This track is heavily commercialised and very similar to the sound of the UK's Snow Patrol, nevertheless it works well. The Notwist