Thursday, 27 March 2008

Cavalera Conspiracy / Operator Please

Released this week is the debut album from Cavalera Conspiracy, called "Inflikted", which is out on Roadrunner Records. It is the first time the Cavalera brothers, Max and Igor, have made a record together since their well documented falling out at a Sepultura gig at Brixton Academy in 1996. And as such many Sepultura fans (myself included) are very much interested to hear what the boys have been upto, aswell as hoping that it may pave the way for a return of the original Sepultura lineup.

Well upon listening to the track "Sanctuary" from said album, I can tell you that the Cavalera brothers are well and truly back! Its really heavy, with tons of intricate guitar solo's all over the place, pounding drums from Igor, and the familiar growling snarl of Max. After 12 years apart you may expect some sort of rustyness to occur, but there's none of that here, the music is really tight and accomplished.

If the rest of the album follows in a similar vain, then I think we definatley have an early contender for Metal album of the year. I'll be purchasing the album on the weekend, so i'll let you know what its like.

Picked up the debut album from Operator Please, which was released last week called "Yes Yes Vindictive" on Brille Records. The album's been around for a while, coming out in their homeland of Australia at the end of last year, but last week was the first official UK release. I have to say I was really impressed with it, for a band whose members are so young, the maturity of the musicianship was highly impressive. Their songs are full of energy and there's actually quite alot of depth to the album. I definatley recommend checking it out.

This week see's about a million albums released, which is great and rubbish! Great cos it means there's alot of new music around from some really exciting new bands, and rubbish because im gonna need to somehow decide which ones im going to buy. Needless to say I think im definatley going to go for Foals, and Does It Offend You, Yeah?'s albums as I've been looking forward to those two releases for aggggeeessss!

Finally just a reminder that the March episode of the Music Liberation Podcast will be out next week on Monday 31st March at around 10pm. This months episode is jam packed with new music goodies from the likes of, Chaingang, Drive A, Natty, Cheeky Cheeky And The Nosebleeds, GTA, Lowline, The Joy Formidable, Bambi Get Over It, Heroes Of Switzerland, and Penny Broadhurst. So make sure you check back here on Monday to get the download and streaming links.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Fresh Music Report #4

Yeah i've changed the name of this post again. Why? Well since I created the Music Liberation Myspace page, i've been getting lots of requests from bands and finding even more good brand new music, so the word "email" had to be dropped as new music is now coming at me from all directions, which is wonderful!

First up this week is a brilliantly named band from Suffolk, called Cheeky Cheeky And The Nosebleeds. I first heard this band a couple of weeks ago on Mr Huw Stephens Radio 1 show, and ever since i've been hooked! The make really fun poppy rock tunes that you'd find hard to not put a smile on your face, even on a monday morning. The vocals are witty and really catchy, and the guitars and drums are pretty tight. The band released a single called "Slow Kids" earlier this month on Tired And Lonesome Records, and you'll be able to hear that track in this month Music Liberation podcast which is out on 31st March. In the mean time check out the bands myspace for details of the extensive lists of gigs their playing over the next couple of months, and also enjoy the track below.

Next is a band called The Joy Formidable who are from the UK. You may recognise one of the bands tracks "Austere" as this was used in a Skins advert for series two a few weeks ago. Pretty cool huh? Yeah well so are this band. They are very diverse, going from nice poppy dittys, to angular noise driven guitar music, which is why their myspace music type of "other/other/other" is pretty apt. The band are all about keeping things fresh, constantly remixing their own work and inviting others to do so too. Im really excited about this band, and I think big things lie in store for them over the coming months. Check their myspace for more information and details of their gig schedule.

Finally this week is the delightful Penny Broadhurst, who is a singer/songwriter based in Leeds. This lady has a lovely voice, which coupled with her sublime songwriting skills make for some pretty darn tasty folk pop indie songs. Penny states that she doesnt like music when "all the songs sound the same", something which can definatley not be labeled on her music, as each song seems to have something different going on. Penny also has other interests in music such as journalism and as a promoter, and is actually putting on her own mini festival called Pennfest in April. Its happening in both Leeds and London on April 5th and 6th, and is definatley an event you should check out. For more information on Pennfest and other Penny Broadhurst details then check out her myspace.

All of the artists in todays post will be featured in the Music Liberation Podcast for March which will be available on March 31st. If you missed the first ever podcast which came out in February then check out the links on the right. If you'd like to be involved in the next one then you can reach me at

Friday, 14 March 2008

New Wave Of Music #16

Here's your next dose of brand new music from across the world...

MP3: The Whip - Trash
Only recently started getting into The Whip. This is a really strong track in the mould of the current rock/electro combo. Their debut album "A Marks Destination" is released on 24th March on Southern Fried. The Whip

MP3: Be Your Own Pet - Heart Throb
Another band which i've only recently started to hear material from are Nashville based, Be Your Own Pet. They make fun, poppy, punky rock tunes. Their new album "Get Awkward" is out next week on the 17th March on XL. Be Your Own Pet

MP3: Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - Letter From God To Man
Another quality track from this pair of "geezers" from Essex way. The beats are chilled and the lyrics thought provoking. Hoping an album isnt too far away. Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip

MP3: Hadouken - Get Smashed Gate Crash
I have mixed feelings about Hadouken's upcoming debut album "Music For An Accelerated Culture". Tracks like this one i'm really into, whereas others im not really fussed about. But whatever this track is wicked. Hadouken

MP3: Plugs - That Number
Don't know too much about Plugs, apart from one of the members being in Does It Offend You, Yeah? and that this track is a nice slice of chilled out melodic electro pie. Plugs

MP3: Guillemots - Get Over It
This track has grown all over me in recent weeks! I can't get it out of my head. Heard them play it live on Radio 1 the other night, sounded alot quicker and rockier which was cool. Single out next week, new album "Red" out on the 24th March on Polydor. Guillemots

MP3: The Helio Sequence - Keep Your Eyes Ahead

Another band who i hadn't heard of till a few days ago, and another track that I am unable to remove from my mind. The band have a "big" sound that sounds really impressive and atmospheric. The Helio Sequence

MP3: Feeder - Miss You
New track from the upcoming new album from Feeder. Its caused some discusion over at Keep Hope Inside. Personally i think its a pretty strong track and shows the band are back on top form which is great to hear. Feeder

Thursday, 13 March 2008


Two brand spanking new podcasts for you to check out!

First up is the
CHASE THE DISCO podcast which is produced and presented by Music Liberation's special guest writer, Craig Duranti.
Mr Duranti explains how Chase The Disco "Loves Electronic music in all forms, whether it be House, Drum and Bass, Electro OR Dubstep. We also have a soft spot for Indie, Hip-Hop and Grime. Each Month we pick an up and coming DJ/Producer who is exciting us, and give them 20 minutes to spin some tunes in the "Guest Mix". The first three artists to grace the show are Andy George, Ghettoruckus DJ's, and Jaymo. As well as all the beats, we will bring music news, run down the months coolest events and give you interviews with some very familiar faces."

I think its going to be really awesome, and you should definatley check out the first ever Chase The Disco podcast which is out tomorrow (14th March) Check out the Chase The Disco Blog or Myspace for download links and more information.

The other podcast you should check out comes from the I Am Not A Critic blog. Lee Smart who is the writer of the blog has decided to take the plunge and produce and present his first one. Its released today and its very good and well worth checking out! It features some awesome tunes from the likes of Late Of The Pier, Be Your Own Pet, and Hadouken, aswell as some humorous links from the clearly talented Mr Smart. Its going to be released every fortnight, and i'm sure each one is only going to get better and better! Check out the podcast and the blog at

And if that got you in the podcast mode, then remember to check out the first Music Liberation podcast by either downloading or streaming it using the links on the right hand side.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Fresh Music Report #3

Hey, so the keen eyed of you will have noticed I've dropped the word "weekly" from this inbox report post, because basically im not going to be able to keep it up weekly, and anyway i decided it shouldn't be a chore to write which it could be with pressure to write it at a set time. Anyway my inbox has been full of really great new music of late, so this post was easy to write and thats how it should be. Enjoy!

First up its a band i wrote about a couple of months ago called CHAINGANG. For those who don't know, CHAINGANG are a four piece from Australia who with previous track "Get Off My Stage" caused a stir from the UK to the US, and with a new track they are set to take things to the next level. Their sound? Well its an enticing mix of punk rock beats, intricate and powerful guitars, mixed with infectious vocals from frontlady Hayley. All in all it makes for a very refreshing and exciting sound which leaves me wanting more! CHAINGANG Myspace

Next we have an American band from Los Angeles called Drive A. The band consist of four guys, Bruno Mascolo (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Jason Nott (Rhythm Guitar), Ashton Moio (Bass), and Terry Stirling (Drummer). All these guys are pretty young, all still in their teens, which is remarkable once you hear how mature their sound is. Their style is full on rocking out, lots of awesome guitar solos, and plenty of head banging opportunities. Its really good! Their debut self titled album should be released soon, and i'm very much looking forward to that. Drive A Myspace

GTA are two guys from Oxford in the UK, who are soon to be releasing their debut album of hip hop goodness. The album is titled "The Way" and will be released soon, in the mean time a single from said album will be released on 14th April called "Wanna Be Myself". Its a really chilled out track with a wicked beat and witty lyrics, its the kind of hip hop that the UK is missing right now. Check out the Music Liberation myspace where GTA have posted the video of the single, its pretty funny. GTA Myspace

Best Of The Rest

Natty - Solo artist from North London in the UK. His style is really mellow and chilled, makes you wanna get a beer and catch some rays! You could fit him anywhere within the Reggae, Hip Hop, even Indie bracket, he's pretty diverse.Natty Myspace

Lowline - Coming from Manchester in the UK, Lowline are set to be the next big thing. Counting The Verve's Nick McCabe as a fan already, these guys have a big powerful indie sound which should serve them well. Their debut single is called "Monitors" and is out on 17th March on 1234 Records. Lowline Myspace

Marvin - First impressions of Marvin is the real honesty in his lyrics, particuarly from the track "First Born", which is taken from forthcoming album "Devil In The Distance". He's also collaberated with Example and Akira The Don, aswell as some other artists on an E.P titled "Superfriends" which is out on 21st April. Marvin Myspace