Sunday, 30 September 2007

BT Digital Music Awards 2007

Hey! If you enjoy reading this blog and listening to the tunes, then it would be great if you could vote for me in the Peoples Choice category at this years BT Digital Music Awards. The closing date for votes is Sunday 30th September, so any last votes would be great! :o) All you have to is click on the link below!

Thanks very much!!!

BT DMA07 People's Choice Nominee - Vote for me!

Friday, 28 September 2007

Moving Units : Hexes For Exes

The people at Magnum PR have kindly given me an advance copy of the new Moving Units album entitled "Hexex For Exes", which is released 9th October on Metropolis Records.

Background: Moving Units formed in 2001, and come from Los Angeles. They have released a self-titled E.P in 2002, and followed that up with their debut full length album in 2004 called "Dangerous Dreams". They have toured with many notable bands, such as The Pixies, Blur, and most recently Nine Inch Nails.

Review: Moving Units return in 2007 with their second album called "Hexes For Exes". And what an album it is. I previously hadn't heard of the band before, but instantly became a fan while listening to opening track and first single "Pink Thoughts". This first song sets the tone for the album, a strong drum beat, quirky guitars, synths, and dark revealing vocals. It is a sonic mix of Indie undertones crossed with Electronica. For me what really stands out and sets the band apart is the production on this record. Each instrument can clearly be made out, and it lets the listener really appreciated the songs as they should and were intended to be. This album is so good, that even though i've only had it a few weeks, im already sure it will be a contender for album of the year.

Moving Units will be touring the US with VHS or Beta in November. For more information on the tour or about the band, then check out their Myspace!

MP3: Moving Units - Pink Thoughts

MP3: Moving Units - Wrong Again

MP3: Moving Units - Pick Up The Phone

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

It's Time To Get Heavy

Hey, hope everyone's good. If you've attempted to download any tunes from here lately, you will have noticed that annoyingly i've reached my bandwidth level, so the links dont work. In the future i'll be putting two links for each mp3, but for now you'll just have to wait until the level is reset in about 10 days. Any new songs I put up will be hosted on a different server so they should be fine.

So on with todays post!

This blog has so far concentrated mainly on Indie, Electronica, Hip Hop, and Acoustic tracks, but has not really touched upon the genre of Metal. Which is strange considering that its the genre that i've grown up listening to. I think it stems from the fact Metal music doesnt seem as easily available on the internet as other types of music. However a few days ago I decided to go through a bunch of compilation cds that I had lying around, and I discovered a whole host of excellent new tracks from established bands aswell as brand new ones. Anyway check these tracks out, and as usual it would be great if you could let me know what you think of them!
Category: Thrash Metal
Info: Taken from the album "Enter The Grave" (2007)
Label: Earache
Comment: This band are bringing thrash metal back to prominence. This track is absolute killer!
Category: Metal/Hardcore/Rock
Info: From the album "Big Dirty" (2007)
Label: Ferret Music
Comment: A stomping hard hitting slab of heavy rock music
Category: Rock
Info: From album "Tales Don't Tell Themselves" (2007)
Label: Atlantic
Comment: Finally getting the recognition they deserve, this album takes the band to the next level.

MP3: The Used - The Ripper
Category: Rock/Metal/Emo
Info: From the album "Lies For The Liars" (2007)
Label: Warners
Comment: Wicked guitar rift and drumming, bert & co have taken things forward

MP3: Atreyu - Becoming The Bull
Category: Metal/Rock
Info: From album "Lead Sails Paper Anchor" (2007)
Label: Roadrunner
Comment: Confident fourth album from a band who have taken some unjust stick from mainstream media

MP3: If Lucy Fell - What If She Fell
Category: Mathcore/Hardcore
Info: From the album "You Make Me Nervous" (2006)
Label: Lockjaw Records
Comment: Frenetic guitars and drums collide to create a monster of a track

Sunday, 23 September 2007

DJ's Playing on his 1's & 2's

Greetings, here's the next batch of tunes I recommend you check out!

Category: Punk/Indie/Pop
Info: Released as a 7" on 08/10/2007
Label: Fandango
Comment: Instantly catchy.
MP3: Example - So Many Roads (Herve Remix)
Category: House/Hip Hop/Electronica
Info: Find as a B side on the single
Label: Warners
Comment: Just imagine this in a club! Killer!

MP3: Kings Of Leon - Charmer
Category: Rock/Indie
Info: From album "Because Of The Times" (2007)
Label: Columbia
Comment: Another strong track

MP3: Maps - You Don't Know Her Name
Category: Indie/Electronica
Info: From album "We Can Create" (2007)
Label: Mute
Comment: UK tour during October
MP3: Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks
Category: Pop/Indie/New Wave
Info: From album "Writers Block" (2006)
Label: Wichita
Comment: Really cool track
MP3: Maritime - Guns Of Navarone
Category: Indie/Pop/Rock
Info: From album "Hersey and the Hotel Choir" (2007)
Label: Flameshovel Records
Comment: Chillout track

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Album Review : Jay Eff Kay

Amercian Rapper Jay Eff Kay has kindly sent me his new album "America: Suicide Notes Vo.1" for review. So here it is!

Background: Jay Eff Kay grew up in Boston in the US. He worked hard during his younger years to eventually work for a law company on Wall Street. But it was here where he developed a dis-taste for the country and society in which he was living. So to unleash his anguish he turned to music. And after releasing "2005: A Year In Review" a collection of songs he had being working on over his lifetime, it is now in 2007 when he has recently released his full length debut album, entitled "Amercia: Suicide Notes Vo.1".

Review: This album is a full on attack of the American political system, as well as the society and values that modern day Americans are being brought up on. What sets Jay Eff Kay apart from other Hip Hop artists, is that there is integrity in his lyrics, a real intent on upsetting the mainstream, and as a listener his background and honesty strikes a real chord.

Musically speaking there is an obvious comparison with Eminem, specifically in terms of the beats and JFK's style of rapping. But one look at his myspace and the list of influences such as Sex Pistols, to Jonny Cash, to Limp Bizkit, and Jay Z, shows that JFK has drawn upon many artists and bands when putting this album together.

The important thing about this album is the political commentary that many of the songs contain, such as "Den of Rats". However there are often humourous lyrics breaking up the more serious ones such as on the track "Welcome to America".

Jay Eff Kay definately has potential, and with this new album he has demonstarted that. It will be interesting to see what direction he takes with his next release. Check out the tracks below and let me know what you think! Also check out JFK's blog!

MP3: Jay Eff Kay - Welcome To America

MP3: Jay Eff Kay - Den Of Rats

MP3: Jay Eff Kay - I'm All Over It

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Musical Brain Expansion

Hey! Hope your well. So i'm back after a few days away becoming a graduate of the University of Lincoln. Since I last posted i've listened to a huge amount of music previously unheard of by my ears. This ranges from new mp3's, to new albums I bought when in London, to raiding my Dad's CD collection. All of which means I have alot of excellent bands and artists to write about in the coming days and weeks.
Also since i've been away, you will have hopefully read and enjoyed the first post by guest writer, and my good friend, Craig Duranti. If you've listened to the tracks Craig suggested i'm sure you'll agree he has impeccable taste, and I hope you enjoy reading his posts as much as I will!
To get back into the flow of things i'll start off by recommending some cool new tracks i've recently got into. Enjoy!

MP3: Air Traffic - No More Running Away
Category: Indie/Pop/Rock
Info: Released as a single on 24/09/2007
Label: EMI
Comment: From the album "Fractured Life" (2007)

MP3: Film School - Lectric
Category: Rock/Experimental
Info: Taken from new album "Hideout" (2007)
Label: Beggers Banquet
Comment: US tour throughout October/November

MP3: Late Of The Pier - Bathroom Gurgle
Category: New Rave/Alternative/Indie
Info: Released as a single last week.
Label: Moshi Moshi
Comment: On tour with Hadouken! during Sept/Oct

MP3: Lillica Libertine - Loose Lips Sink Ships
Category: Electro/House
Info: Not much!
Label: Unknown
Comment: A Dirty electronic bomb of a track

MP3: The Moths - Games
Category: Indie/Electronic/Punk
Info: Released as a triple 7" earlier this year
Label: Fandango
Comment: Exciting new band

MP3: Adele - Hometown Glory
Category: Acoustic/Pop
Info: Released as a single in October 2007
Label: Pacemaker Recordings
Comment: On tour during October

Monday, 17 September 2007

Special Guest : Craig Duranti

Hello world,

This is my first installment of my guest appearance on my good friend Sid's blog! I've selected four tunes that i've been playing out alot recently and the time has come to share them with you!

First of all a remix of the awesome Daft Punk from an Australian artist, Ghetto Ruckus. I'm always wary of a Daft Punk remix as its almost impossible to beat the original, but this man has given the track a huge synth injection!

MP3: Daft Punk: Harder Better Faster Stronger (Ghetto Ruckus Mix)

Crookers are churning out loads of decent material at the moment, and they are fast becoming one of the big names in the Fidget House scene. This is their re-working of my second favourite Brazilian act, Bonde Do Role.

MP3: Bonde Do Role: Gasolina (Crookers Crunk)

Next up a lovely bit of soulful D & B for you. This is the title track of the new J Majick & Wickaman album, Crazy World. Vocals are courtesy of Kathy Brown, best known for 'Turn Me Out'. You can get the album now from or Itunes.

MP3: J Majick & Wickaman: Crazy World

Finally an Electro Pop band from Liverpool. To My Boy combine electronic elements with powerful vocals on the awesome 'Model'. The band are currently on tour so please go and check them out.

MP3: To My Boy: Model

Thats it for this installment, make sure you give feedback and support the artists mentioned!

For my DJ dates, please check my myspace.


Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Time For Grad

Hey all, just a quick one, i'm going away for a few days for my graduation, so won't be updating for a little while. But in the meantime you can check out these awesome blogs i've recently come across. Hope you enjoy them, remember to say who sent you!

Keep Hope Inside
Suburban Ghetto Musick
Sweeping The Nation
Singing Detective
Music And Film Equals Life
DJ Martian
The Dekua Tree
Pop Register
Missing Toof

Keep safe! Out!

Monday, 10 September 2007

New Music Mixtape : Side B

Stop. Eject. Turn. Insert. Record. Play. Now your ready for Side B.

Category: Alternative/Emo/Electronica
Info: Released as a single on 10/09/2007
Label: Banquet
Comment: Poppy happy music

Category: Indie/Alternative
Info: Taken from album "Everything All The Time" (2007)
Label: Sub Pop
Comment: Anthemic, inspiring, & full of emotion.

Category: Pop Punk/Indie/Alternative
Info: Released as a single on 15/10/2007
Label: 14th Floor
Comment: Another catchy record

Category: Rock/Blues/Alternative
Info: Taken from the album "Magic Potion" (2006)
Label: V2
Comment: Full of chilled out attitude

Category: Funk/Pop Punk
Info: Taken from the album "New Boots & Panties" (1977)
Label: Blox
Comment: Classic

Category: Electronica
Info: Taken from the album "We Are The Night" (2007)
Label: Virgin
Comment: Quality heavy dance music

Sunday, 9 September 2007

New Music Mixtape : Side A

Once again there is far too much new music I have come across to post in one go, so i'm splitting it up into Side A and Side B. Hope you enjoy the tracks, I really enjoy reading your feedback so please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

MP3: Foals - Mathletics
Category: Indie/Nu Rave/Pop
Info: UK Tour from Sept - Nov
Label: Transgressive
Comment: Great track from an exciting new band

MP3: Ghostface Killah - Ghost Is Back
Category: Hip Hop
Info: Taken from the album "More Fish" (2006)
Label: Mercury
Comment: Quality Hip Hop fresh from New York


MP3: !!! (Chk Chk Chk) - Must Be The Moon
Category: Indie/Electronica/Pop
Info: Taken from the album "Myth Takes" (2007)

Label: Warp
Comment: 18 Legged noise machine

MP3: Hearts Revolution - C.Y.O.A!
Category: Filthy Electro/Pop/Disco
Info: Check out the awesome video

MP3: Sub Focus - Airplane
Category: Drum and Bass
Info: Check out the video

Label: RAM Records
Comment: One of my favourite D+B tracks.

MP3: Jeff Buckley - So Real
Category: Alternative/Rock/Soul
Info: Taken from the album "Grace" (1994)
Label: Sony
Comment: Starting to appreciate Buckley now, inspired material

More: www.myspace.comjeffbuckley

Friday, 7 September 2007

Keep Hope Inside + RIP IT UP with Craig Duranti!

Hey, head on over to Keep Hope Inside, (a cool music blog focusing on underated and unknown music largely from the UK).
Saam who runs the blog has recent come up with the idea of posting a list of the good new music blogs he has come across, and he featured this blog which is exciting! I had to answer a few questions about the blog, and Saam has also given his opinion.
So go check out the review of this blog, as well as the other cool blogs he has featured.

This blog is soon to have a special guest writer, DJ and producer, Craig Duranti. Craig has been DJ-ing since his teenage years, playing in clubs and bars in Essex during his younger years, and in recent times has been a resident at a night called Moda at The Cell in Lincoln.
Craig will primarily be writing about Dance music, everything from House, Electro, Drum and Bass, and all the other sub genres he can think of. He'll also be interviewing Produders and DJ's that he comes across.
He is due to start his own night called "Rip It Up" at the Cellar Bar in Chelmsford.

The opening launch night is this Saturday (8th) so if your around those parts and enjoy "Cool, credible Indie music, hands in the air Electro and all thats in between!!!" then go and see him! You'll definately have wicked time I promise!

Check the nights myspace for more information -

And check out Craig's page too -

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Billy Talent

Today I want to acknowledge one of my favourite bands of recent years, Billy Talent.

Billy Talent (who were formerly known as Pezz) are a Canadian Punk Rock band who have been around since forming in 1993. The members are Benjamin Kowalewicz (Vocals), Ian D'Sa (Guitar/Vocals), Jonathan Gallant (Bass/Vocals), and Aaron Solowoniuk (Drums). The band were known as Pezz up until 2001, when due to legality issues they decided to change their name to Billy Talent. As Pezz, the band released an album titled "Watoosh!" (1998). This album was popular for the band in their hometown of Toronto, however it did not achieve the level of commercial success the band would enjoy from 2001 onwards with the change of name to Billy Talent. After releasing an E.P entitled "Try Honestly" (2001), the band went on to record and release their debut self-titled album in 2003. From this album the band enjoyed considerable success, particuarly from singles such as "Try Honestly" and "Nothing To Lose". Building upon their success Billy Talent released their second album in 2006, simply titled "Billy Talent II". Once again this album was successful, and the band reached new levels including world and european tours.

Billy Talent's sound is not easily pinned down. At first coming across as a Punk Rock, the band stretch themselves to expand into other genres. With three members of the band singing, there is a distinctive vocal presence throughout their songs. There is a real sense of honesty and integrity within this band, not only shown through their lyrics, but also their explosive live shows. They have the ability to play fast tracks such as "Red Flag", but also slower songs such as "Surrender".

The band will hopefully be starting work on their third full length album in September.

For the time being checkout the tracks below, aswell as the bands Myspace and their label, Atlantic.

MP3: Billy Talent - Try Honestly
MP3: Billy Talent - Surrender
MP3: Billy Talent - Red Flag

Monday, 3 September 2007

Merry Making My Speakers

Here's the next collection of damn fine tunes i've been getting my ears around!

Check them out and let me know what you think!

MP3: Calvin Harris - Merry Making At My Place
Category: Electro/Disco/Indie
Info: From the debut album "I Created Disco" (2007)
Label: Columbia

MP3: Biffy Clyro - Machines
Category: Alternative/Indie
Info: Taken from album "Puzzle" (2007)
Label: 14th Floor Records

MP3: High Contrast - In A Gadda Da Vida
Category: Drum And Bass
Info: Released as single on 17/09/2007
Label: Hospital Records

MP3: Fueled By Fire - Thrash Is Back
Category: Thrash/Metal
Info: Taken from album "Spread The Fire" (2007)
Label: Metal Blade

MP3: The Young Knives - Terra Firma
Category: Indie/Alternative/Rock
Info: Taken from new album "Game (Up All Night)" released on 02/10/2007
Label: Transgressive

MP3: Eagles Of Death Metal - I Want You So Hard (The Boy's Bad News)
Category: Rock
Info: Taken from album "Death By Sexy" (2006)
Label: Columbia